Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinic London

Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinics are the leading providers of FUE hair transplant London, located on London’s world famous Harley Street. The FUE hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure that involves transferring genetically strong hair follicles from a safe zone donor region to the area of your scalp most affected by thinning.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Excision (FUE), an advanced technique which does not leave a linear scar but rather, small dot-like scars in the donor area. FUE is utilised to treat male/female pattern hair loss and can also be used to repair previous FUT scars that often appear unnatural.

The hair transplant procedure, also known as follicular unit extraction (FUE), takes place at our London Hair Transplant Clinic – based on the world famous Harley Street. The strongest hairs, which are genetically programmed to remain at the back of your head, are carefully selected and transferred to the recipient area affected by hair loss. Once they grow in, you will continue to grow new healthy hairs for the rest of your life naturally.

During a FUE hair transplant procedure, we shave the hair at the back and sides of your head for the hair extraction process, leaving your hair longer on top, if preferred. We also offer Unshaved FUE (UFUE) for suitable candidates wishing to maintain much longer hair.

After your hair transplant surgery, you may decide to see your hair restoration doctor for a follow-up only 6-12 months after your surgery. In the meantime, your grafts are still settling in. There will still be swelling and redness but the end results should be starting to take shape.